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In our third season of The Change Diaries Podcast, we are exploring Changing your body – It’s an inside job! In this episode I am blessed to speak with Nicolé Thompson, Christian mindset and wellness coach.

This powerful conversation cements that improving your health is not about dieting, it’s about a mindset change. Nicolé unleashes the questions we often avoid asking ourselves – what are you hungry for and why? How are you feeling? What are you thinking? What are the things you love about yourself? Nicolé’s vulnerability, authenticity and wisdom gained through training and experience make this a must-listen all the way through. Get ready to change your mind!  


Guest Bio

Nicolé Thompson is a Christian Life & Mindset Coach who helps women live in their calling with clarity, courage, and confidence. With her background in professional singing and songwriting, she also enjoys deep (or silly) conversations, curling up with a good book, or going on long drives involving beach or mountain views. Nicolé is a Jamaican national who now lives in the Atlanta suburbs with her techie-musician husband Constantine.

Resources suggested by Nicolé

Where to find Nicolé

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4 thoughts on “Nicolé Thompson – Get Curious About Yourself

  1. I absolutely enjoyed listening to this podcast with Nicole. For the many years I’ve known Nicole, she has always been focused, calming, and a good listener. She has a sweet personality that resonates through every word she shares. Thank you Arlene, I was encouraged.

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