The Change Diaries explores how to better embrace change, spark change, or simply be the change we want to see.

In our third season of The Change Diaries Podcast, we are exploring Changing your body – It’s an inside job! In this episode I talk with Danielle Terrelonge, mindset and wellness coach and a marketing communications guru.

Danielle brings her personal experience to this conversation as she uncovers the blockers to living life fully, the role of mindset and the value of loving connections. We get a deeper look at what happens during the process of weight loss and what’s waiting on the other side. Truth is, there is no whole you without self-love and it’s never too late to love yourself. Listen to Danielle’s infinite wisdom and practical tips as she helps you plan your week. Tell a friend and remember to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode of this insightful season!


Guest Bio

Danielle is a stellar Marketing Communications professional and trained Mindset Coach. She is the Founder and Managing Director of DRT Communications, a premier marketing communications agency, and the first in the Caribbean region to offer technology-driven media monitoring services.

After she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2018, Danielle embarked on a life-changing health and fitness journey. This led her through bariatric sleeve surgery, losing 100lbs, and achieving consistency in a mind, body, and soul fitness way of life. Danielle now owns and operates Well by Danielle, a coaching practice designed to help people achieve their wellness goals. For Danielle, wellness is not just about weight or what we eat, it is about the whole person, living a fully fulfilled life.

Danielle’s Recommended Resources

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