It’s our third season of The Change Diaries Podcast and we’re exploring Changing your body – It’s an inside job! In this episode I am joined by dermatologist and holistic medical consultant, Dr. Arlene Rose-Lewis.

Arlene’s conviction that disease begins in the soul grounds our conversation as we discuss healing from the inside out, the effect that holding unforgiveness in our hearts has on our physical health and the tremendous benefits of positive self-talk. Beauty, it seems, is a multi-dimensional affair. Tune in and discover if you are one of the ‘two-percenters’ and what you need to do to tap into a healthier you. Tell a friend and remember to subscribe to The Change Diaries podcast or follow my blog so you don’t miss an episode of this insightful season!


Guest Bio

Dr. Arlene Rose Lewis is a wife, mother, team leader, author, motivational speaker, artist, dermatologist, aesthetic and holistic medical consultant. She is also a weight loss and anti-aging consultant.

Arlene has been a doctor for over 25 years and has had some surprising insights into the true causes of disease in the body and into what truly makes a person beautiful. She is known for her major observations about health which were made by TRULY LISTENING to HER patients AND LEARNING from them.

She owns and operates the Dermakare Skin and Body Center located in Kingston, Jamaica, and she has authored three books which are available online. Arlene is the owner of a Foundation and believes we need to be the change we want to see. 

Her favorite quote is, “Only by seeking shall you find”.

Books written by Dr. Arlene Rose-Lewis

Where to find Arlene Rose-Lewis:

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