Arlene Amitirigala

Global communications strategist with expertise in internal communications, behaviour change, employee engagement and building a culture of inclusive leadership.

Arlene has worked for over two decades in marketing and communications. Her career journey spans several senior roles in the private and public sector working across various sectors including finance, manufacturing, tourism, export promotion, and information, communication & technology. Her experience includes directing corporate communications for Diageo’s West Latin America and Caribbean operations, and leading employee engagement and internal communications across Europe and Great Britain from Diageo’s U.K. headquarters.

Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Arlene studied journalism at the undergraduate level. Her academic qualifications include a Master’s in Communication for Social and Behaviour Change from the University of The West Indies, a postgraduate certificate in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising from Emerson College, and an MBA with distinction from the Solvay Management School in Belgium.

Arlene has lived and worked in several different countries and speaks Spanish and French. She now resides in Toronto, Canada, from where she provides communication consulting services to a range of clients including UNESCO.

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