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The second season of The Change Diaries podcast explores the ups and downs of changing locations. In this episode I speak with Juli-Ann Royes-Russo, an aquaculture scientist reinventing her life in Europe. Last summer, against the backdrop of a raging pandemic and emotionally charged social justice movements, Juli-Ann moved, with her family, from the USA to Monti della Tolfa, a small village in Italy.

We have a frank conversation where Juli-Ann shares her experience of living in different states across the US and the turning point that led her to create a new way of life for herself and her family. Dive into her story with its challenges and triumphs and discover some great resources too. Whether you are contemplating a change of location or not, you’ll learn something new. Remember to subscribe to The Change Diaries podcast or follow my blog so you don’t miss an episode!


Guest Bio

Dr. Juli-Anne Royes Russo is an aquaculture scientist and a serial entrepreneur. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she met her husband, who was born in Rome, while they were pursuing graduate studies in Florida. Her career has taken her from the West Coast, working at Sea World in San Diego, to the deep Southern charm of Alabama where her son was born. In August 2020, the couple decided to leave the US with their son to start over in the region of the Monti della Tolfa in a small village that is a commune of Rome, Italy.  After spending several years travelling between Jamaica and Italy, Juli-Ann has learned to combine the flavours of the places she calls home.

Contemplating a move? Juli’s recommended resources:

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