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This second series of the Change Diaries podcast explores the ups and downs of changing locations. In this episode I speak with Natalie Marshall Rose, certified Global Mobility Expert, now based in the United States.

Natalie’s years of experience working with corporations in creating their own global programs comes to the fore in this conversation as she guides you on what to look for in a global relocation package from your employer, how to hit the ground running and what to do when it’s time to leave. Being a trailing spouse gives Natalie infinite wisdom and myriad interesting stories of ‘life on the move’. Whether you are moving or not, you’ll learn something new. So, tune in and share with anyone you know who is contemplating a change of location. Next week, I’ll dive back into my own personal family journey. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!


Guest Bio

Natalie is a Jamaican born, US national who has been a trailing spouse in Canada. Not only has she worked in the Immigration space for approximately 15 years, but she has also lived it. Moving 13 times in the last 19 years, she truly understands what it means to be mobile!

A certified Global Mobility Specialist, Natalie’s experience spans from conducting case work early in her career to managing teams across the USA and Asia. 

Her focus is on helping corporations with their global programs. In collaboration with US Attorneys, she steers clients in maintaining compliance while moving their employees around the globe.

Natalie’s passion is to help and share. Her personal story provides a backdrop in immigration and sets the stage in her professional life where she is truly able to understand her clients’ needs. Her vast personal and corporate experience enables her to provide empathetic and realistic expert advice as corporations navigate the tides of global mobility.

Natalie attended the University of the West Indies and has received numerous certificates from Depaul, SMU and Cornell Universities.

Natalie’s Recommended Reading:

The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Contact Natalie Marshall Rose:

LinkedIn: Natalie Marshall Rose

Instagram: @natsrose13

Clubhouse: @natsrose

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