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This conversation exploring Changing your body – it’s an inside job with Chris Delos Reyes, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), takes us deeper into discussing the perils of looking back to be what we were decades ago. And haven’t we all been there, trying to chase the 8-minute mile instead of accepting it’s now a 12-minute jog at best?

Chris gives a realistic perspective on changing WITH your body and shares his own journey as a former professional dancer who is accepting the passage of time, honouring where he is now and listening to his body closely. Merging his expertise in massage therapy and holistic wellness with being a father of two – including a new-born, Chris reminds us that it’s important to reassess and re-evaluate your relationship with your body and take the approach of asking what it needs. Listen to this easy conversation with a soulful family man for relatable experiences along with reminders on how to best serve your body and maximize on the benefits of massage therapy. Tell a friend and remember to subscribe to The Change Diaries Podcast or follow my blog so you don’t miss an episode of this insightful season.


Guest Bio

Christopher Delos Reyes is the founder of The Holistic Connection, a wellness space in downtown Toronto serving hospitals, fitness clubs and private health clinics by providing treatments to the professionally sedentary, or personally active body. A registered massage therapist (RMT), Chris has over 12 years’ experience in the massage industry and a unique understanding of how to approach pain management through significant practice and study.

In combination with his prior experience in a corporate bank and as a professional dancer & teacher, he has come to understand how movement and wellness are medicine for the stagnant laptop lifestyle and desk job. He works on a range of clients, from those who are suffering from chronic pain to those who want to improve their fitness and sport performance and those who are seeking support on their wellness journey.

Resources suggested by Chris

  • Meditate – any way you can and daily!

 Where to connect with Chris:

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