The Change Diaries Podcast explores how to better embrace change, spark change, or simply be the change we want to see.

The second season of The Change Diaries podcast explores the ups and downs of changing locations. This episode features Sharon and Rohan Hollingsworth, a teaching couple and formidable force. Originally from Jamaica, they took the brave leap to move from Toronto to Nunavut – a sparsely populated territory in northern Canada with remote villages, accessible only by plane or boat.

In this conversation we explore how they adjusted to life in the Canadian Arctic, embraced a new culture and grew closer together as a couple and a family. Their love for each other shines through and their perspective on how to navigate change is powerful. Whether you are contemplating a change of location or not, you’ll be inspired by their story of growth through change. Be sure to listen.

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Guest Bio

Sharon Hollingsworth was born and raised in Jamaica. Her parents who are both educators who travelled extensively to pursue various academic and professional pursuits. As such, she is no stranger to traveling, living, working, and studying abroad. As an educator herself she has worked in Jamaica, Bahamas, and various parts of Canada. In 2014, herself and her family moved to Nunavut. There, she, and her husband Rohan worked as teachers. Currently, she is a Vice Principal with Ottawa Catholic School Board.

Rohan Hollingsworth grew up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. He studied Secondary Education at Bethlehem Moravian College where he met Sharon. Shortly after completing his studies, he was offered a position in the Bahamas. Sharon joined him a year later, as his wife. Together, they moved to Canada in 2006, where Rohan pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies. Shortly after graduating, he was offered a job in Nunavut. Again, the couple was on the move. They moved to live in Taloyoak, Nunavut, with their two daughters where they worked and immersed themselves in the culture. Overall, Rohan spent seven (7) years in Nunavut, living in three communities and serving as administrator for two schools before moving back to Ontario. Currently he is pursuing Doctoral studies in Educational Leadership and is a Principal candidate with Ottawa District School Board.

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