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In this episode I talk with Marguerite Orane, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author. Marguerite’s life intention is to change the way you and your people work, so that you do so with joy and achieve amazing success.

Marguerite is an expert at helping leaders bring forth confidence, clarity and calm as they chart their way forward. In our conversation she uncovers your biggest blockers and reframes feedback. We also dive into what makes for a powerful morning routine and what you absolutely must do each day. Listen in and discover how you can change the way you lead.   

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Guest Bio

Marguerite Orane coaches leaders in realizing the value that joy and happiness at work bring to people and profits. With over 30 years in strategy consulting and general management, her commitment is to help leaders and their teams joyfully bring strategy to life to achieve their desired results. Marguerite is valued for her insights on leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and personal growth delivered in her own energetic, joy-filled way as a coach, facilitator, speaking and her blogs. Her experience as an entrepreneur, a Harvard MBA and her curiosity about the mysteries and delights of the world are the foundation of this work.

Marguerite is an expert in Strategy articulation and Culture alignment, and the Balanced Scorecard. She has added value to organizations in the private, public, nongovernmental and educational sectors in the Caribbean and North America, including Cable and Wireless, TUI Marine, National Commercial Bank, City of Hamilton, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Government of the Netherlands.

Marguerite has served on the Boards of Directors of Red Stripe Jamaica Limited (formerly owned by Diageo), Jamaica Money Market Brokers, Workers Bank, Corporate Merchant Bank, Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, Jamaica Manufacturer’s Association, Jamaica Exporter’s Association, and most recently, Grace Foods Canada.

Marguerite is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader who knows that laughter releases creativity because she laughs … a lot! She has studied Improvisational Theatre at Second City Toronto and uses it to build teams that have each other’s backs!

Marguerite is the author of two books: “Free and Laughing: Spiritual Insights in Every Day Moments” and “Forget It! What’s the Point? Letting Go and Claiming Joy” and is an avid blogger on joyful leadership.

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