Out of lockdown we created new family habits. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. Everyone was baking banana bread and had discovered a newfound love of running. In this short series, I get even more personal as I share excerpts from journal entries written in my first days of lockdown in the U.K. about the changes Covid brought. These are my #CovidDiaries. 

April 19, 2020 

God is good to me, to us. We had a wonderful weekend. Lauren and I baked banana bread on Friday. It was completely gluten-free and spectacular. We ran a 5k for charity on Saturday. We ran from Putney Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge. It was challenging – I haven’t run that distance for a while. But we were determined, and we did it. I was so proud of them, of us, As I looked around me though I felt somewhat unsafe. Too many people. The pathway was packed with bikers, runners, joggers, people strolling, stopping to chat at a spot, walking three abreast. It drove me crazy and after a while I was desperate to go back home ensconced in the safety of our apartment. It’s absolutely crazy isn’t it? 

Church was lovely this morning. We were all on Zoom and I felt inspired and uplifted by Simon’s sermon, even if we giggled a bit at the sight of someone guzzling a half glass of wine for simulated communion.  

And the best thing happened today – I attended a Guardian masterclass “Get Inspired” taught by Laura Dockrill. It was amazing and liberating and fun and unearthed things for me and made me reflect on leaving London. It’s been an adventure here. Highs, lows, magnificent moments and crappy ones too. But it’s been absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  

Our family Zoom sessions are fun and we enjoy getting together. In fact, I’m enjoying connecting more with everyone, and being somehow closer to all my friends far away. 

So, I am happy. Sometimes anxious, sometimes scared. But most of all I am happy and grateful. Thank you God. Thank you.  

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