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The death toll from Covid 19 was rising in the U.K. We were still working from home and home-schooling. The Easter holidays came and went. We found ourselves reluctantly settling in to a longer haul than we had thought. In this short series, I get even more personal as I share excerpts from journal entries written in my first days of lockdown in the U.K. about the changes Covid brought. These are my #CovidDiaries.

April 18, 2020

Friday. On March 11 2020, I went home after ensuring the comms for Europe was posted on Yammer. Since then, I have not been back to the office. It has been five and a half weeks of working from my bedroom.

The kids have been home since school closed on Friday, March 20. They have completed four weeks. It feels like this started yesterday or last year. I can’t tell you what day it is by just thinking. I have to look at a calendar. Everything has merged into one.

We stay up too late. The day passes quickly and in no time it’s 9p.m. In a blink it’s 11p.m. and I’m struggling to get everyone into their own bed. We wake up groggy. I sit at my computer and they grab their Ipads. I’m so glad the Easter holidays are over now. We can go back to our schedule.

I feel ok though. I feel good almost all of the time that I’m awake. But I stall going to bed because then I’ll have to get up, get dressed and start working at my desk, in my bedroom. Is that weird? That I don’t want to go to sleep because I don’t want to start the day the way it starts?

Today, I commit to spending more time with myself and my family. I choose to make my health and wellbeing a priority.

Thanks for stopping by. How did you deal with the early days of lockdown? Share your comments. Remember to hit ‘like’ and subscribe. I post new content each week.

© Arlene Amitirigala 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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