With Covid 19 stalking the U.K. there was no end of lockdown in sight. We had to dig deeper to find our center and keep our joy. In this short series, I get even more personal as I share journal entries from my first days of lockdown in the U.K. and the changes it brought. These are my #CovidDiaries.

April 8, 2020

Week Three. She confessed that ‘staying in is wearing thin’. Lauren is undoubtedly happier. She uncovered coping mechanisms and had a good two weeks, but she confessed last Saturday as we walked to and from Sunnisa Thai that it was hard now. At first, she and her friends thought ‘I got this’ and they had a plan to connect daily and work through their assignments but the novelty of being home has faded and they miss each other and miss the daily drama, the squabbles, the romance and ‘shipping’ and seeing all the faces. They miss each other. Aris seems ok so far. He would hold back on telling me if he was feeling down but as far as I can tell he is coping.

They have both been angels, disciplined and helpful, doing what they are supposed to do when they need to and getting their schoolwork done without any complaints. I am so grateful for them. So incredibly grateful to God.

It’s been good to connect with friends. I chatted with Vic on Friday night, Cam on Sunday and with PB on Saturday and then Syd called me on Sunday. A weekend of connecting with close friends and feeling loved. Thankful for this web of friends around the world who have me in thought and prayer. And thankful for a husband who loves us and shows us his love by seeking to provide for us.

Thanks for stopping by. How did you deal with the early days of lockdown. Share your comments. Remember to hit ‘like’ and subscribe. I post new content each week.

© Arlene Amitirigala 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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