With lockdown came the reflections, the soul searching and many little revelations.  In this short series, I get even more personal as I share journal entries from my first days of lockdown in the U.K. and the changes it brought. These are my #CovidDiaries.  

March 25, 2020 

Day Three. I’m sitting on the balcony taking in the sunshine. Funny how as soon as we can’t go out the weather turns glorious. I’m still navigating the emotions of leaving London and not being part of the future at work. I had my first coaching session last night and it opened up a lot of thoughts for me. How I am. How I want to be. Why I’m here.  

So many things have changed for me in three short days. What am I learning in the time of coronavirus? That there’s so much we take for granted. That I was too damn busy to live my own life. That all that ‘stuff’ I filled my days with wasn’t particularly important. How much do we really need? This lockdown is an enforced moratorium on shopping. We can move at a slower pace and it’s fine. I realize that the words pace and agility don’t belong in the personal space of my life, but I embrace them every day. Why? 

The #CovidDiaries – Clap for Carers

Before Covid, I don’t know that we thought about the NHS in a deeply personal way. However, as the virus unfolded that changed.  

March 26, 2020 

Day Four. Tonight at 8pm we got on the balcony to clap and cheer for the NHS. It was amazing to see all the people from neighboring flats outside, pots clanging, bells ringing. The kids cheered loudly, and we clapped until our hands stung. Then we retreated inside. We laughed a lot over dinner, my silly, merry, lovable children. Aris said he didn’t want to have outside time today which was unusual but I was ok to stay in. I sneezed several times this morning and felt ever so slightly fluish so I thought maybe staying in was a good idea. 

But oh, how I worked today. There’s always so much to do and it’s crazy that I’m leaving here but I’m in deep. I have to get better at creating boundaries and managing my time to focus on all that I have to do. 

Thanks for stopping by. How did you deal with the early days of lockdown? Share your comments. Remember to hit ‘like’ and subscribe. I post new content each week.

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