There was so much self-discovery for me and the kids as the pandemic unfolded. We started to understand what was beneath many of our emotions. In this short series, I get even more personal as I share journal entries from my first days of lockdown in the U.K. and the changes it brought. These are my #CovidDiaries.   

March 24, 2020 

Day Two. I asked Lauren what made the difference. Why does she feel happy now. She said she’s trying to be more organized and that helped her a lot. She also said that the day school ended she just felt happy, there was nothing to overthink, it wasn’t in her control. Also, she’s been happy spending more time with us. I believe that she’s been hard on herself and trying to figure to out a lot of the things that are out of her control – like leaving and being away from her friends. School closing in the lockdown took everything out of her hands and she had to surrender, like the rest of us. I’ll have to work on being there for her, being present and being gentler. 

photo credit Arlene Amitirigala

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