Arlene Amitirigala – Global Communications Leader and Change Navigator

I am a global communications leader with a passion for employee engagement and inclusive leadership. I’m also a change navigator – in 2020 I moved to Toronto, Canada, making it the seventh country I have lived in, not counting multiple moves within each place. I speak three languages and a smattering of a fourth. Some days I’m lost in my own kitchen, automatically reaching for tumblers in the cupboard on the left before realizing that was the last house, now they are on the right. Other days I am bathed in child-like wonder like a perennial tourist, perpetually immersed in other cultures and unearthing treasures in each new city. Meeting people, learning different things, launching new projects…It is exciting in one moment and both terrifying and exhausting in the next. But isn’t that the truth about change? I know I’m not alone. We all go through change. What I know now is that it’s easier if we talk about it and keep on equipping ourselves for the inevitable twists and turns ahead.

This blog space has different themes. In Navigating Change, I’ll share my experience of moving as a teen, a young adult, a parent, a corporate executive, and a trailing spouse.  In the section Lessons from the Backseat, I’ll share valuable lessons in leadership, life, and love that elements of my journey have served me over the years. And I’ll throw in some of My Writing too for good measure. My hope is that there’s something here for you to learn from, reflect or simply enjoy. Most of all, I hope it encourages you to be kind to yourself and to those around you navigating change. As Brené Brown writes, we are all doing our best. 

So, make yourself at home. Read my story and check out my areas of expertise below to know more about me. Check out the blog posts and join the conversation.

I’m so glad you’re here. 

Communication is more than just my passion; I have international experience delivering results across all communications disciplines. From integrated marketing communications to change and crisis management to internal engagement and guiding C-suite executives, I lead and collaborate to get the job done.

From fiction to fairy tales, corporate narrative to creative campaign copy, I let the power of the pen come to life. Poke around my blog for regularly updated content and look out for one-off sightings of my poetry or short stories.

Give me a mic and a platform and my voice takes wings. As an award-winning Toastmaster, broadcaster, event facilitator and emcee, my gift is reading the room and keeping audiences engaged. I’m a storyteller who imparts universal wisdom in new and refreshing ways.

In today’s world, improving your inclusive leadership skills and communicating in a way that impacts the bottom line is critical. With years of global experience, I’ve been joyfully supporting leaders pave their way to success through building their capability to deliver clear and compelling communication.