The Change Diaries Podcast explores how to better change, spark change or simply be the change we want to see.

In this episode I talk with Jenny Ward, a career and transition coach with almost two decades of experience in corporate recruitment. Jenny focuses on helping women to value themselves, excel, and enjoy the lives which they deserve. 

Jenny brings infinite wisdom peppered with delightful humour and a strong dose of realism in this conversation. Her honest and refreshing coaching style, will inspire you to abandon a mediocre life and get unstuck. Absorb this conversation with a notepad and an open mind.  

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Guest Bio

Jenny is a certified career and transition coach helping corporate women finally live by design, not default.   

She spent 15-years in corporate recruitment seamlessly matching people and jobs and now focuses on ensuring that women excel in all areas of their life by moving them out of reaction mode and into the driver’s seat.  

This includes empowering them to tell their personal and professional story to get the job they want and the money they deserve. Jenny offers 2-hour strategy sessions as well as services like interview prep, resume overhaul, LinkedIn blueprints, and cover letter composition.  

She loves holding space for humans to be heard and championed as they transition into the life and career that they only dreamed was possible. 

Find out more about Jenny Ward – have a consultation session or be inspired to shift your life:  


IG: @jennywardcoaching 


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