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In this episode I talk with Dr. Michael Mendribil, Transformative Life Coach. Dr. M. brings a warm and personal touch as he shares important insights on the challenges that men face in today’s world and how he discovered the gift of meditation. He also gives us a peek into the coaching world, offers advice on how we can better cope with the changes that this challenging time has brought and two great book recommendations for your reading list.   

Guest Bio 

Michael is the founder, chief guide and coach of Bonfire Society, a coaching community for men. He also leads Mendribil Wellness, where for over 30 years he has been helping people optimize their metabolism, fortify their health and master their mindset so that they can have everything they want in life.  

He is a Transformative Life Coach, a practicing Naturopathic Physician, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and ongoing student and teacher of life. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughter.  

You can find him at: 

Instagram: BonfireSocietyNOW  

Thank you for listening. Let me know your thoughts, comments, and what other topics you would like to explore during this first season as I chat with various coaches. What are some of the questions on your mind as you navigate change? What question would you like the coaches to answer?

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