There have been many clever memes about this year. You’ve likely seen dozens. And you are probably as eager as everyone else to see the back of 2020…with a swift kick. To a large extent it has been bizarre, painful and just plain crappy. This year I mourned the passing of people I had never met, was gripped by the terror of being felled by an invisible assailant floating in the air and surfed some incredibly difficult waves. But somehow, I haven’t hated it at all. In many ways, 2020 has been exceptionally kind to me. It was a year in which I:

1.   Ended an eleven-year career journey that had given me unforgettable experiences and unlimited growth and opened myself to new possibilities

2.   Packed up my family and moved countries during a global pandemic

3.   Found greater stillness, compassion, and clarity

4.   Rekindled and deepened my connection with dear friends around the globe

5.   Accepted the kindness of strangers

6.   Grew my awareness and engagement with charities, academics, and sources actively working to address systemic oppression and racial inequality

7.   Created more room for quality time with my husband and children to make meaningful memories

8.   Rebooted my love of writing simply for pleasure

9.   Participated in several fantastic online courses including Guardian Masterclasses on ‘how to build your own WordPress website and blog’

10. Designed and built my first website and started a personal blog!

There’s much more but this is a starter for ten. The funny thing is that I hadn’t planned for half the list, yet I am deeply grateful for it all. The wiser I get the more I realize that we need to plan but we must leave room for the unexpected. The ground beneath us is never still, we may be thrust into holding uncomfortable poses, we will always be called to navigate change in unexpected ways. Yet, we can always find joy, freedom and growth. So, as I plan for 2021 with big dreams, I’m also staying open, flexible and curious to receive whatever gifts it may bring. Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by. How are you going into this New Year?

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8 thoughts on “Adieu 2020

  1. Thanks Arlene. Great inspiration for thinking about last year and this. Particularly liked “need to plan but we must leave room for the unexpected”!

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  2. What a great list! I too found some structure and stimulation on a couple of online courses (Bersin Academy). It was a silver lining for me and a way for me to keep engaged (and not endlessly scrolling).


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